Farm in Tuscany

La Ranocchiaia: a real farm in Tuscany - Campiglia Marittima

The agriturismo is set on a well-organized and efficient Farm of 85 hectares. It is privately owned and a part is let out. It produces wheat, tomatoes for industries, sunflower seeds and, in winter, spinach.

A small olive grove of two hectares can be seen in the centre of the Farm. Close by there is a 2 hectares vineyard. We use modern methods for the cultivation and harvest of both olive and grapes which allowed us to have high quality oil and wine.

Ample parking space is available for all the various agricultural machinery and equipment.
Several machines are of excellent and very modern technology. Water for farming is drawn from artesian wells. Irrigation is carried out by means of sprinklers in order to avoid waste and respect the environment.

Our wine

The two vineyards, aged about 15, of Ranocchiaia are grown using traditional methods and reared with the system called “cordone speronato”. There are vines typical of this area, such as Sangiovese (grana grossa) (50%), Merlot (15%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (35%), wisely joined to form a very harmonious blend and balanced tannins.

The grapes are processed at a local Cantina Sociale, where they are treated withtraditional technology for the maintenance of perfumes and organoleptic qualities andmodern technology for food security.

Extra virgin olive oil

The Ranocchiaia produces extra virgin olive oil limited to the owner’s needs andGuests of the farm.
The olive varieties Leccino, Pendolino and Moraiolo, typical oilTuscan, are planted on two plots: one with plants over 20 years old and one young, withplants of 5 years.

The olives are harvested by hand and taken to a local mill, where they are processed with cold method under the supervision of the owners as guarantee of genuineness.

The extra virgin olive oil of Ranocchiaia is a true concentrate of nature with all its excellent characteristics for the health of children and adults.